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your engagement operations system

AlumnIQ Platform

A set of services to manage events, giving, email, volunteers, class agents, and more, all designed to work with your database of record. Your constituents need to get things done - we make that experience easy, enjoyable, and efficient.

for better reunions and homecomings


Flexible registration, self check-in, name tag printing, and reporting that makes your largest annual event far more easy to manage. Reunions are complicated. Managing all of the information required to run one doesn't have to be.

Benchmarking & Analytics

We're the brains behind large data aggregation and reporting projects for PCUAD, STAFF, and CASE. Advancing the profession is part of our credo; these organizations offer us an opportunity to help those who are already doing so.

Who We Serve

We exclusively serve higher education.
We partnered with the AlumnIQ team to enhance our constituents' engagement experiences with our University. The result was a completely revolutionary platform that has streamlined the way we do business. AlumnIQ has fully integrated with our existing infrastructure, and provided a user experience that is both full featured and intuitive.
You make me look good and I didn't have to lift a finger, and everybody got what they wanted. Heroes!
I've given AlumnIQ directory demos to about everybody in my office now, and I get to take a lot of credit for the really cool things you all do. Keep up the awesome work.
*mic drop*

Our Team

People first, software second.

Steve Rittler


Adam Tuttle


Chad Paul

{"title":"Software Engineer"}

Event Associates

Our trusted friends help us execute successful reunion events.

Patrick Atkinson

Casey Davis

Tricia Fitzgerald

Emily Meyer

We're proud of our alumni too!

They've moved on to other things, but they'll always be a part of our DNA.

Matt Cass

Then: CTO. Now: Consultant

Dr. Jessica McCarthy

Then: Bookkeeping. Now: Doctor!

Chris Hamilton

Then: Sysadmin. Now: Consultant

Natalie Hill

Then: Designer. Now: Account Coordinator

Emily Meyer

Then: Developer. Now: Developer.

Dr. Dayne Mickelson

Then: Developer. Now: Doctor!

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