Host your best reunion ever.

Reunions and homecomings are larger and more complex than your typical alumni events.
You're juggling multiple campus partners, segmented (and shifting) pricing models, and thousands of people you don't see very often.
It's ok. We've been there. That's why we built software that makes managing all of that a pleasure.
AlumnIQ:Reunion is the registration system you've been looking for.

Flexible Registration

Customizable, user-friendly, and mobile-first registration. Package-based, a la carte, date-sensitive, and segmented pricing support. Logically arranged to capture detailed itineraries efficiently and easily.

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Name Tag Printing

Real time, on-demand name tag printing. No more stuffing badges! Attendees can check themselves in and receive their name tag and any event tickets necessary in seconds.

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Check In

No export/import fuss - AlumnIQ:Reunion can capture attendance via mobile app and two barcode scanning services. All fully integrated with real time registration data.

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Constituent Matching

Match attendees to institutional donor records without requiring authentication. Self-match and personalized URL support out of the box. We can even send notifications to prospect managers as donors register and check in - among many other things.


Reporting & Intelligence

It doesn't matter how good the interface is if you can't get good, clean information out of it. The reports were designed by people who have worked reunions for people who work reunions.


Make a Gift

Optionally solicit gifts during registration. AlumnIQ:Reunion can process them as separate transactions and even route them to a different payment gateway if desired.

Happy Customers

Since 2012 we have handed over 100,000 registrants for reunions, homecomings, alumni weekends, and even a couple commencements.
We partnered with the AlumnIQ team to enhance our constituents' engagement experiences with our University. The result was a completely revolutionary platform that has streamlined the way we do business. AlumnIQ has fully integrated with our existing infrastructure, and provided a user experience that is both full featured and intuitive.
Matt is writing something really spectactular. It's so good we can't even.
"This is without doubt the best reunion registration web process I've ever seen"

- a hard-to-impress Cornellian


  • Skinnable, flexible, and designed for multi-day, multi-partner, & multi-track events
  • Integrated with your constituent data - warehoused or via web services
  • Designed for mobile-first use - and a perfectly fine desktop experience too
  • Works with your payment processor(s) (100+ supported)
  • Separate or combined registration and gift transactions - even to two separate gateways if needed
  • Flexible accounting to support partner departments in their own sandbox

Name Tag Printing

No more time wasted. No more paper wasted. No more talent wasted. Have your attendees check themselves in with a quick scan of a code and print their name tag (and tickets) on the spot.

  • Custom designed name tags with dynamic content from registration and warehouse data
  • Donor recognition, event icons, and name tag barcoding for event check ins
  • Print an entire party at once if desired
  • Checks for balance due, cancelled, and already-printed scenarios to make sure only those entitled to a name tag get one
  • We provide all the equipment and personally manage it for you. We love reunions!

Check In

  • Mobile app and two barcode scanning options available
  • Real-time connection to registration data - no export/import required
  • Offline support with auto-sync capability

Reporting & Intelligence

What good is a system that's only good to the registrants? You and your colleagues are the ones using it every day.

  • Top-level stats right where you need them
  • Charts of registration performance, attendee profiles, and comparisons to prior years.
  • On demand and scheduled report delivery
  • Custom report creator
  • Donor profiles: capacity, DO/PM assignments, and more

Donor Management

  • Integrated donation support, directly connected to your gift gateway
  • Donor identification and "thank yous" are built in
  • Notifications to prospect managers at registration and check in
  • Automated nightly gift reporting so your gift processing staff is happy!

Unequaled Support

  • Hands-on help from setup through registration and the event itself
  • We come to campus to deliver on our promises
  • Transparent support and project management: everyone sees everything so everyone knows what's going on
  • Post-event: a recap document with recommendations for next year, delivered and discussed jointly

There's much more to see!

We'd love the opportunity to help you be a more efficient and effective alumni engagement strategist. Fill out our contact form and we'll take you on an in-depth tour of the AlumnIQ platform.

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