The AlumnIQ Platform is designed for today's engagement environment: mobile, integrated, personalized, and measured in every imaginable regard. We put the system to work delivering information - not simply data - that you can use to more effectively implement programs and services your constituents want and need to be a part of. Our goal is to make data management easier and more efficient so your staff can maximize their efforts on constituent engagement.

Event Registration

Flexible, user-friendly, and mobile-first event registration with thorough reporting and remote check in tools (and name tag printing!).

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Email Marketing

Integrated with your CRM system of choice, and tracked down to every single click, you'll get results and have the numbers to back it up. Segmentation with style, and metrics to show the way forward.

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Giving: Time and Money

Flexible, content-forward giving pages designed for mobile first. Skinnable, quickly updatable, and leveraging the best of what we've all learned from crowdfunding to rally your donors to support a cause. Complete with card reader support!


Volunteer Management

End the tyranny of Excel spreadsheets! Connect your class agents and volunteers directly to your database, making both progress and contact updates nearly immediate. Gamification and automatic progress reporting make it fun and engaging for everyone.


Directory & Connections

Connect your constituents with one another through recommendations, promotions, and searches, building a stronger network your institution can count on.

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Reporting & Intelligence

It doesn't matter how good the interface is if you can't get good, clean information out of it. Not only is our reporting top-notch, but AlumnIQ also makes recommendations based on past activity. Big data here we come!


Event Registration

  • Skinnable, flexible, and ready to support your day-to-day events
  • Reporting: scheduled and on demand
  • Integrated mobile check in solution
  • Available on-demand name tag printing support
  • Optional make a gift before checkout
  • Integrated Net Promoter Score collection and reporting
  • Open API for integration
  • Flexible accounting to support partner departments in their own sandbox
  • Flexible security model so you can involve partners and volunteers only as much as you trust them

Signature Events

Reunion, Homecoming, Alumni Weekend...whatever you call it, it's your largest and most complex event of the year. AlumnIQ offers a dedicated service specifically for reunions that makes these events far easier to manage.

  • Package, a la carte, and date-sensitive pricing
  • Self check in with on-demand name tag printing
  • Simple, clear, and exactly-what-you-need reporting
  • On site staff to manage all the equipment so you can focus on your attendees, not your technology

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Email Marketing

  • Segment your audience using the data and filters you're familiar with
  • Prepare messages using merge fields, flexible templates, and a powerful media library
  • Preview and test your message on screen, on your mobile device, and in your desktop mail client
  • Schedule delivery with your peers - the calendar shows all past and future activity in one place
  • Analyze performance per-message and in aggregate
  • Real-time feed of opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces can be piped right back to your CRM system of choice

Directory & Connections

  • Communication features to help students, alumni, parents, and friends build strong connections
  • Flexible profile tools that show different fields to each constituent type
  • The fastest, easiest search interface available
  • Class Notes folded in to search results
  • An adaptive privacy and security model that respects individual wishes (without being heavy-handed)
  • Integrated or standalone authentication

Open API

We believe in the power of connections - especially those between datasets. We also know that no one vendor can do everything well. But the best interests of your alumni are best served when every web service you deliver to them talk to one another.

And so we make an API available (at no extra charge) for you, your IT staff, and your other vendors to tap in to what AlumnIQ collects, presents, and discovers.

This API touches all areas of the system - events, email, directory, and so on - and includes webhook support so we can broadcast as things happen.

No secrets, no artifical constraints, and not another walled garden. Simply one more node on the network happy to talk with all the others.

Because this is the era of big data. And that means playing fair.


There's much more to see!

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